The River Journal Chapter 19 The End of the First Leg


Summing up the sum up…that’s river talk.

It had been a good experience. I”d learned a lot. I had a little more confidence in my boat, my gear and myself. I now knew, I needed to cut the amount of gear. I’d found some of my gear wasn’t needed at all. I knew the river had scared the hockey out of me. I also learned I had to give nature more respect especially in the planning stages. I would do that but I was not nearly as intimidated as I had been on the drive up.

I would be back. The river has called me every day since I returned to Dallas and the studio. I would come back with a better sense of who I was and how to respect the river. I would come back more attuned to nature. I knew I would be more a part of nature than observer the next time. I had been there as a kid and I lost the connection somewhere around the time I thought I grew up. No more. I would be back, more attuned and happier. I hoped I could catch the river when it wasn’t in “8 gate flood stage” the next trip.

But mainly, I swore I would spend more time fishing and enjoying the trip.
That white knuckle stuff was getting a little tiresome.

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