Toni Tennille

Toni Tennile, great torch singer
I heard Toni Tennille the other day. After I listened to her song I realized, I never gave her the credit she deserved. 

        Toni’s Web page
This Montgomery, Alabama lady has a hell of a voice. 
The Captain and Tennille
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Toni on television
She was on the XM Sinatra channel singing “Beautiful Baby”. She had that husky saloon singer’s sound. I will never understand why she didn’t have a much bigger career. I think it might have had something to do with the way she was marketed along with “the Captain” as a sort of pop act rather than the individual extraordinary talent.
                                       Toni’s facts
So here goes….from what little memory I have left ….
You must have been a beautiful baby
You must have been a beautiful child
Toni Tennille,  member of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame
when you were startin 
to go to kinder garten
you musta drove the little boys wild.
You must a been a beautiful baby 
you musta been a beautiful child 
Cause baby 
look at you now
Toni Tennille had her own television show.  
She sang it and she owned it. I didn’t pay enough attention to her back when she was making hits. But once I have listened, really listened to that voice, I get an all together different impression.  

Toni had one of those classic “torch” voices. It’s too bad there wasn’t more of an appreciation for the genre during her time.    Sorry Toni….my mistake, that whole muskrat love thing threw me off. You are a great, great singer ! 
I only regret not having figured you out much, much sooner.
John Boykin 
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