Rock and Roll Tiny Bradshaw 1951


Tiny Bradshaw was a college graduate with a degree taken in psychology. He earned his living as a singer, drummer, pianist, composer and band leader. In the thirties he was in the Jazz portion of the industry but in the 40’s and 50’s he was creating hits on the R & B charts.

Here are a few of his hits….

Train Kept a Rollin   1951         I must have been asleep but the first time I can remember this song as a stand alone was when I heard it covered by Imelda May. It was done in 56 by Johnny Burnette. Then again in 65 by the Yardbirds and again in 74 by Aerosmith. In 78 Motorhead did it as well.

Well OH Well     1950  Tiny’s biggest hit was later covered by Asleep at the Wheel with a female singer.

Tiny had a series of strokes when he was barely 50 years of age. He died at 51. Once again, uncompensated and unrecognized, he was an early contributor to what would evolve into full fledged rock and roll.

Here’s a little more of his music. I hope you enjoy the music. I really enjoy his music and hope you will as well.

The Gravy Train     1950        Soft  1952    This one was covered as an instrumental by Bill Doggett.

Bradshaw Boogie               I gonna have a ball

Each week I offer a mystery tune to see if you’re it is again…are you, awake ?


John Boykin        It’s all just for fun !


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