Rock and Roll The Crows 1953


Sorry about the quality of this photograph but it is the only publicity shot they ever did.


One of the first Rock and Roll songs ?  One of the first “doo wop” groups. One of the first “groups” to have a hit in rock and roll ? The first “one hit wonder” ?


Here is a link to the wikipedia site that tells you a little background on this early rock and roll group.


Here are a few of the Crows songs.  You decide !

“Gee” 1953         “Miss You”  1954       Heartbreaker   

        I really, really love you       Baby Doll 1954

Sweet Sue (it’s you)  1954

Some thoughts…If the crows had come along just a few years later, say when “doo wop” was so popular, they might have had a chance to be a mega group. But as it was they lasted for just a short time. The length of the popularity was coupled to the one hit. A couple of years later they were history.

Too bad. Why am I always having to say TOO BAD when talking about these early artists. It seems to be a continuing greek tragedy with the artists blending from one face to the next, the story always the same. Once we think there is no hope, one of them makes it big and they all point to that as the way it will be for them. Too bad ! It’s rare, and more often disappointing, or even tragic.  Unfortunately, that is the true sub story for the history of rock and roll. Exceptional stardom and common flame out.

The Crows, were a short lived rocket burst, in the early, influential days of rock and roll. They, like so many others of that period had no idea the trail they were blazing. The music is better off from their contributions. I enjoyed listening to these songs. I hope you do as well.

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