Rock and Roll Louis Jordan 1949


Louis Jordan, Band leader, singer, saxophonist, pianist, dancer, movie star, early rock and roll pioneer. First rapper, first music videos, Arkansan.

Here is a musician bandleader whose music I have enjoyed for many years…I used to be able to pick him up on an itune radio station that played New Orleans music all the time. I’m not talking present day popular rap crap, I’m talking historic New Orleans music.


The Louie Jordan’s, the Fats Dominoes, the Louis Prima’s, Satchmo and the like. Good timeless music.

         Info Link    This link will give you an amazing amount of information on rhythm and blues or (race) music of the forties. Tons of info. Louie Jordan’s biography is very important to the history of American music. His life in music is the transition to present day American music. Read his wikipedia bio and you will understand the whole movement.

Saturday Night Fish Fry by Louis Jordan was one of my favorites from that station and has been adopted by the folks around New Orleans as their own theme song.

 Saturday Night Fish Fry 1950          Caldonia film 1946       Buzz me Baby

 Blue Light Boogie     Is you is or is you ain’t     Caldonia #2   

Ain’t nobody here but us chickens         Let the good times roll

I don’t know how to find that New Orleans station now, sure wish I could. Later, when I started this Rock and Roll History series it came up as a candidate for the original rock and roll song. I wasn’t surprised since I had been so attached to it. There must have been a reason. It must have been our rock and roll through jazz/ r & b connection. But maybe it was our mutual Arkansas background. Who knows.

Five guys named Moe         Choo Choo cha boogie    Keep a knockin

I will try to bring some links to gain an understanding of this musician. My age group didn’t really have a chance to hear all that good forties music and I am afraid we are worse off for it.

Mystery tune     Just checking

Louie Jordan was the most popular rhythm and Blues musician not only of his time but he’s out sold todays artists as well.

As I went thru his playlist I was surprised to hear a voice from my past. I don’t know how many times my father quoted Louie Jordan songs. Out of the blue he would sing a line or just quote the title of one of these songs. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. At the time, I was a small child and even into my teens I had no idea about their origin. Now I know ! Any one who was a big fan of Bob Wills would naturally “cross over” and enjoy Louis Jordan as well.

When you think about it there are tons of similarites between the two bands not to mention the band leaders personalities. Hah ! So ole Bubba was a Louie Jordan fan. I shoulda known.

Please enjoy yourself with Mister Jordan, a very entertaining, entertainer. When he’s involved it always seems like your listening to a production not just a song.

Enjoy !

John Boykin

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