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Here is a link to what little information is available to this talented Rhythm and Blues artist. Notice that he quit music all together in 1953 and it says he had no idea he had contributed to the birth of Rock and Roll.

 Info Link

Bill Haley had a hit on the “white” charts with his version of “Rock the Joint” just three years later in 52. I don’t know how big a hit it was for Haley but it does show the young white musicians were listening to the R & B stations early on.

Jimmy Preston was a multi talented musician. Not only was he a singer but he played sax and drums while acting as the band leader back when bands had leaders instead of managers.

Here are links to his music. Enjoy ! I sure did……

“Rock the Joint”             1949          Hucklebuck Baby                  The Number Blues        Hucklebuck Daddy + 3

I can’t quite place it, but this song sure sounds like a tune Elvis had later but with different words. If any of you readers know the who what and when of this cover I would appreciate knowing.

On that last +3 link…there are four songs all of which could be described as more early rock than r & b. Listen to the base and the back beat. It’s there.

Here is your bonus you tube sensation. I always like to throw something like this into the mix just to see if you’re paying attention.

                                                                Mystery tune

Now don’t you feel better ?

Have a little fun this weekend it goes a long way,

John Boykin




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