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Here is a link to the wikipedia story on Ike Turner….it is way more than I had ever hoped to learn about this man’s life and influence on early rock and roll. It’s long, with lots and lots of good info on more than just this one man. Read it.  Interesting !

Ike on Wikipedia link    

Ike’s life is unfortunately an open book. The bad publicity unfortunately over shadows all the great achievements. This man was a doer and a very effective and organized leader. He is said to have been greatly influential through his musical innovations. He was also the consummate band leader and business man.

It’s been said he and his band, “The Kings of Rhythm” recorded the first rock and roll song, “Rocket 88”. It’s supposedly the first use of the electric guitar in a distortion mode. He was also a big influence on how the electric base was used in driving the rock and roll beat. According to Little Richard and others, Ike was leading the way to electric driven rock.

Well hell, if Little Richard says it’s so, I guess he oughta know. So I am gonna believe it.  Here is a link to some of Ike’s songs. I think you might want explore the youtube video link to find more for yourselves.

Rocket 88..            Philly Dog         Proud Mary with Tina        video links

Folks, I want to stress seeing past this man’s faults to get a better idea of how he helped form what we now know as rock and roll. Enjoy him for his good side. 

John Boykin

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