Peggy Lee

Fever  !!!!
Peggy Lee
Fever in the morning…if you’ve ever heard this song…if you’ve ever heard Peggy Lee…There is no need to explain torch singers….Peggy Lee didn’t create the genre she owned it.

Miss Peggy Lee
Her voice was soooo sultry. Walt Disney chose her to be the voice behind the vampish figure in “Lady and the Tramp”.
                             Music videos
Peggy Lee as sultry as she sounded !
She was an award winning singer-musician who wrote or co-wrote most of the movie’s score.
She self produced and was an excellent businesswoman.
Miss Peggy Lee  
But that voice ! My God, what a voice ! 
Once you hear Peggy Lee sing, you never forget her. 
To learn more about this important musician go to her web site which is:
         Peggy’s Web site 
Peggy Lee, a class act.
I am including some of her publicity photos from the 50’s and 60’s. She was talented, smart and oh yeah, quite the Babe.      
   Enjoy one of my all time favorite voices  …    Miss Peggy Lee !


Peggy Lee…and for you younger folks, this is what a star looks like ! Not Madonna or Miley Cyrus or Lady Gag Me, hell they’re ugly. Look at this star, she is a class act. Look at all the pictures I have posted of the torch singers. They are all absolutely beautiful while reeking of class.
Present day acts have to do unspeakable things on stage just to get people to forget they are untalented celebrities with very poor looks and even worse taste. Pity the fools !
                                          Do Right
JB Boykin
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