Harmon’s Bar B Q Cibolo, Texas


Harmon’s is in Cibolo, Texas. I tried to find a little information about the old town of Cibolo. From what little Spanglish I know Cibolo means big ole Buffalo Bull. That makes sense that the early settlers would have found lots of bar b q on the hoof. The fertile rolling grasslands create an eastern belt from north to south of the city of San Antonio. To the west of the city is the Balcones Fault and that rocky hill country.  It makes sense the early settlers and predecessor  Indians would have noted the area for it’s bison herds. I am drawing these historical assumptions from the name and the lay of the land. That’s all I have to go on.

_Y4A5643There wasn’t much about the history on the internet. However, to the casual observer with a few years and and a lot of miles under his belt, it looks like Cibolo was a small farming community. Those old brick store fronts and a picture or two on the walls at Harmon’s give it away. I would guess German and Mexican brains and muscle built and sustained the community.

There you have it. The two groups of Tejas settlers who understood and invented Texas style Bar B Q established the town. What better setting for a home grown bar b q restaurant than a former cotton town on the outskirts of old San Antonio. 

_Y4A5633When you park around back at Harmon’s the first thing you see is the smoke coming from the cook shack. Although I didn’t inspect the pit, I could see the big steel contraption with tons of smoke pouring out.

Harmon’s has a portion of a big old 1920’s general mercantile building. When you see ceiling height you know this was someplace special. Well it still is. Harmon’s bar b q product is terrific. 


Over flow and banquet room at Harmon’s Bar B Q in Cibolo, Texas

_Y4A5636The slaw and potato salad were terrific. The potato salad had a nice little kick to it. Their sauce was darker than usual and was a great additive. I added a little of the table hot sauce to it and had myself a great dip. The staff was super. They were all so friendly I they made me feel like a regular. Later during my little tour with manager/partner Ronnie Ruiz I got to meet them individually. They were what they seemed, nice folks.

_Y4A5634The place is doing a steady little business. Given the fact that it’s so far from the main lanes of traffic I think they are dong well. The idea seems to be build it and they will come. The town of Cibolo is now a fast growing suburb of San Antonio and right off the I-35 New Braunfels corridor. It won’t be long before the little wide spot of a town will become a full full tilt big box burb. At that point Harmon’s will be packed. In the meantime, Harmon’s is putting out a perfect product. Their reputation is growing with each customer.

Was it worth the drive from the other side of SA ? I think it was. This is a consistent good report restaurant in a safe neighborhood area. It’s a comer.

I highly recommend Harmon’s Bar B Q of Cibolo, Texas. 

John Boykin


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5 thoughts on “Harmon’s Bar B Q Cibolo, Texas

  1. admin Post author

    Thanks John, in fact Im traveling that way, if I get a chance I will check it out.
    Have a Great Weekend!!


  2. admin Post author

    After you get settled here, I’ll take you to a BBQ place out by the big airport called Hard 8. It’s a place you will enjoy! Drive safe.


  3. admin Post author

    Polly..I look forward to the Hard 8. I’ve heard it’s good with a touch of rodeo thrown in.

    Jose…I bet you’ll like Harmon’s. Let me know.

    Jennifer…If your Dad is anything like you I know he will like Harmon’s.

  4. admin Post author

    Yes, it was! Too good! Next time you’re that close by, give me a call and I’ll meet you for lunch.


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