Buzzie’s Bar B Q, Kerrville, Texas


Buzzie hard at work !

Let me set something straight, I seldom watch Pit Masters on Television. The hosts have a nasty sort of attitude and cuss too much for the show to be good for the general public. As the great man, General Robert E. Lee once told his officers, “Gentlemen, we must watch our comportment in front of our men. It is important to them to be able to hold their leaders in esteem”. (paraphrased)


But recently while flipping channels looking for a good Alaskan show or something decent to watch on the vast t.v. wasteland, I came upon the Pit Masters. I watched it long enough to see one of the competitors was a cowboy looking dude from Kerrville. I had never heard of Buzzie’s Bar B Q nor Buzzie Hughes but he was almost local so I had to watch. Buzzie did great. I was proud of his “comportment”. He represented the Texas Hill Country in what we know as “the cowboy way”.  By the time the show as over I had a lot of respect for the man as well as the cook. From time to time I shoot sporting clays out at Kerrville. I knew I wanted to go to Buzzie’s the next trip out.

_Y4A5661I got to Buzzie’s on a hot July day. It was a little before noon and the parking lot was already  filling up. There were Mercedes and pick ups with horse trailers. There were cop cars and service technicians trucks. There were little old ladies in their Lexus’s. Obviously, Buzzie’s was a favorite of just about everybody in town. 

_Y4A5676I walked into a very short line. It was moving fast. I asked if I could get a sampler plate. They relented off the quarter pound minimum and gave me a two meat plate plus one at very little extra cost. As usual I selected my comparison items of pork ribs, brisket and sausage. My sides were slaw and beans. In this part of the world beans means pintos, plain. There was the usual pickle and onion slices. I think there was bread but can’t remember.


The Banquet Room at Buzzie’s

                                           Food review:

I tried the sausage. It was a ring type longer than a Lockhart but not as long as a Kiolbasa. The staff said they did not make them but they were purchased from V &V. I know the brand and had grilled some at my house the previous night. I thought it was close to the same thing I buy at H.E. B. It was kind of plain but not as bland as those from the larger ring types that come all sliced up. It was good but not as good as the one Buzzie suggested later. His suggestion was a cheeze and Jalapeno hot link. I took some home and tried them that evening. They were very tasty with a little snap.

Sorry, but when it comes to sausage, I am spoiled by the butcher shops of Lockhart and Luling. But Buzzie’s cheeze and jalapeno sausage might be the best one I’ve eaten out side the Highway 183 BBQ strip.

_Y4A5663Next came the brisket. Perfection on a plate ! I don’t see how anyone could cook brisket any better. As you might have noticed I was never a connoisseur of brisket. Hell, I had never even heard of it before moving to Texas. But these last few weeks have made me into a serious brisket lover. And Buzzie’s is some of the best I have ever tasted. 

_Y4A5674The Ribs….Whoooo pig sooie ….No wonder he kicked tail at the pit master deal. This guy serves a hughmongus portion of big, I mean big, pork ribs. They was perfection from the rack. Perfect bite and not too much smoke as to offend the Memphis trained rib palette. I loved the ribs. Did I mention PERFECT !


Then the beans. Good old pinto beans. Nothing fancy just good beans. I liked them.

The sauce… was great for meat dipping. It was a terrific complement to the meat taste. Some seem to be designed to over power. This one acts as with the meat. If your gonna be a “dipper”, this sauce is a good one.

Chicken….I was so impressed with my meal I went back to the cashier and ordered a half chicken to go. Amy loved it. _Y4A5672

After I was through with my meal I asked to meet Buzzie and for a tour. Buzzie was where he should have been, stoking his monster of a pit with big old oak logs. It was time to reload the big old steel pit. He also had two big rolling pits for catering. Buzzie is set up to cook bar b q whatever the occasion. 

I enjoyed visiting with Buzzie and watching him interact with his guests as well as the staff. He’s indeed what he looked to be on television. He came across as a hill country gentleman cowboy behind a pit. Buzzie has the personality to make any business succeed. But what might be more important he has the competitive drive to make it run right. That shows in his bar b q as well as the restaurant appearance.  It’s off the beaten path ( I-10) just a little way into Kerrville but my phone GPS took me right to it.  

_Y4A5658I strongly recommend Buzzie’s of Kerrville.  You won’t find a better rib or brisket !

John Boykin

p.s. Had to find one of those picnic areas for a siesta on the way back to San Antonio. It was that good.

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7 thoughts on “Buzzie’s Bar B Q, Kerrville, Texas

  1. admin Post author

    How do you find time to visit all these BBQ joints ? You need to get a job
    and stop having so much fun !!!


  2. Brenda Hughes

    I have to tell you, your review of our restaurant made my day!! After winning PitMasters, we are constantly criticized by competitors with an “agenda” and it’s reviews like yours that let us know we’re still on our toes, doing what we love and keeping the quality where it needs to be.
    We are humbled and SO appreciative of the time you took to write about our business, thank you so very, very much!!

    Blessings to you always,
    Buzzie and Brenda

  3. admin Post author

    Brenda and Buzzie,

    I promise if you had not met my “good bar b q experience” there would have been no story and Buzzie’s would have landed on the “not recommended” pile. I loved the place and the food. It takes both with me. You all have done a ton of work and the place shows great decorating taste as well.

    Keep it up. The world needs more good bar b q.

    John B

  4. mike

    Having been new to town yourself, you probably already know the value of this type of review to folks like me. Being a super military town SA is a dream station for many and not having to stumble across great chow makes it all the better.

  5. admin Post author

    I certainly enjoyed shooting sport clays with you at the National Shooting Complex. I am afraid due to the move it will be my last time there for many moons. I will miss it and the friends I met while shooting. You included.

    Thanks for reading. There will be more after all the move craziness is over.

    John B

  6. Helen Favaron

    This was an awesome article. Thank you for recognizing our local Bar-B-Q hot spot here in Kerrville. We tried to keep it a secret, but I guess that’s just not possible. It’s alright, as long a y’all don’t try to take Buzzie’s hat! lol


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