BBQ Places: Reviewed without recommendation.


This is a list of bar b q joints we checked out but did not make the recommended list. A restaurant might be your favorite but for some reason it just did not fit with what we think fits the our readers. It could be because of a long wait, bad food, too funky to go in, cleanliness or an unsafe neighborhood. I went into a couple where the food wasn’t bad but the place was filthy. Others force you to wait or eat in the heat.

As Baby Boomers, we are of the age that’s sort of been there and done that.  We want a nice place where we can relax and have some damned good authentic Texas bar b q. We don’t recommend places that don’t keep regular business hours. 

Here is the list of visited but not recommended.

Fredericksburg                  Cranky Franks

Llano         Cooper’s

New Braunfels                  Cooper’s

Pearsall                             Cowpoke’s

                         San Antonio                      

Augie’s Barbed Wire, The Granary, Texas Pride, Smoke House, Bill Miller’s, Grady’s, County Line, Rudy’s, Bolner’s, Rusty Bucket, Old Smoke House on Fredericksburg Road,

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