Our Favorite Bar B Q Places


This list is a short synopsis of the places we recommend. This is not about finding the best brisket. It’s about finding great bar b q restaurant experiences. That means good food, clean bathrooms, short lines and a comfortable atmosphere. Good cue in a bad neighborhood won’t make this list. Safety, decor and cleanliness are considerations. This web site is designed for information and entertainment for the Baby Boomer Generation. 

We are not reviewing every bar b q place in the state. If they look like crap or are in a bad neighborhood we don’t even bother to go in. Nor are we writing about the ones we don’t recommend. If they are good we put them on the list. If not we just don’t say anything about them.

Austin, Texas

Austin seems to gets a smothering amount of attention from the Texas Monthly folks and the gaggle of “Q” bloggers there. I will leave all those places for them. I’ll see to the real Texas.

Dallas Area 

Garland, Texas..Spring Creek Bar B Q..it may be part of a chain but I ate there many, many times and found everything tasty. Try the rolls and ribs.

Driftwood, Texas

Salt Lick Bar B Q…..Great bar b q and a beautiful well run destination restaurant. I love it.


                                 Bar B Q Capital of Texas. Don’t forget it.

Kreuz’s Market ..My oldest longtime favorite Texas Bar B Q. This where I learned about Texas Bar B Q. Still good.

Black’s Bar B Q….Great bar b q since 1932…fourth generation pit masters at work. They’ve actually gotten better in the past twenty years. Great hot sauce.

Smitty’s Market…In the old Kreuz building..same family… Great food.

The Chisolm Trail Bar B Q….just south of town on 183…inexpensive yet quality….it’s another good one.

                                         Luling, Texas

The City Market….time tested ribs and sauce….you can’t go wrong with this one. 18 miles south of Lockhart.

The Luling Bar B Q….this place will surprise you. Across 183 from the City Market. The food is dynamite. Give them an A plus.                                                         

Kerrville, Texas

Buzzie’s Bar B Q…excellent ribs and brisket. Buzzie is a Pit Master’s TV show winner and his food shows why. Nice place, good food, great Texas Hill country. What’s not to like ?

San Antonio

Blanco Bar B Q on Blanco Road near Hardberger doggie park…beautiful place, new as of 9-13, top flight management, good food.

Two Brother’s Bar B Q Market..on West Ave. Give this place a try..it’s damned good !

The Bar B Q Station north 410 at Harry Wurzbach. There’s  not a lot of good bar b q places south of Lockhart and Austin. But this is definitely a great one.

Harmon’s Bar B Q of Cibolo, Texas….San Antonio north eastern suburb off I-35. Excellent old school selection. Great sides, homey atmosphere, nice folks.

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  1. admin Post author

    Shootin’ buddy Ron H. recommends the Ribs at the Iron Works in Austin. Thanks Ron we’ll give them a try.


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